Mini-Infinity Bracelet (Duo-Tone)

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Mini-Infinity Bracelet (Duo-Tone)
  • Mini-Infinity Bracelet (Duo-Tone)
  • Mini-Infinity Bracelet (Duo-Tone)
  • Mini-Infinity Bracelet (Duo-Tone)
  • Mini-Infinity Bracelet (Duo-Tone)

I'm excited to offer a Mother's Day Discount on the most requested color combinations:

  • Burnt Orange & Burgundy
  • Burgundy & Gold
  • Light Blue & White
  • Red & White
  • Navy & White
  • Navy & Gold

Back in March, a retail partner asked me to create two-tone bracelets for his shop.  It's not something I typically do, but I agreed to try out the design.  I was so surprised by the overwhelming response to them!  

The colors and the combinations had such meanings to people!  I promised to launch more soon, and I'm doing it right before Mother's Day!

Use Promo Code "LOVEMOM15" to receive a 15% discount on a Knotty Origami duo-tone bracelet!  Once the Mother's Day Promo ends, we may not have these back in stock for awhile, and supplies are limited.  (So, definitely don't wait!)

I hope you have a beautiful day! Thank you for being a Knotty Origami customer!

*Please note that Availability of cording in particular colors may yield a bracelet that is slightly more slender or slightly thicker, depending on materials that are in stock. For instance, burgundy and burnt orange variants tend to be slightly more thin than red and white combinations.     

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