2018- Present: The Young Entrepreneur Business Fair

Knotty Origami is proud to be one of the founding business members of The Young Entrepreneur Business Fair in Gainesville, VA!  In April 2018, we partnered with Stuff! Consignments, Bill Denny Real Estate Group, Lucretia Reyes Designs, LLC and The Law Office of Lori V. Battistoni, to create a business fair for children between the ages of 10 and 16!  The fair has been slated for June 24th, 2018. 

The goal of the fair is to partner aspiring kidpreneurs with local businessmen and businesswomen as the children prepare to showcase their own business ideas at the fair.  Each child will participate in a committee leading up to the big event.  

As a businesswoman, and mother to an aspiring kidpreneur, the Young Entrepreneur Business Fair is an incredible grassroots endeavor to nurture young interest in Business!  

Knotty Origami provides mentorship to young entrepreneurs, as well as financial sponsorship to help meet the fair's logistical and resource needs!  A portion of the profits go to supplement future entrepreneurial youth fairs!  Thank you for helping to support the next generation of leaders through your purchases!


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