Jewelry Care


There are a few things that can be done to help preserve your handcrafted Knotty Origami piece from damage or tarnish, which can occur naturally with wear against skin, exposure to sunlight, or other environmental factors.  

For Fabrics and Cords, please be sure to keep these materials away from rough, abrasive substances such as velcro, or sandpaper, or other materials that may cause snagging.  If the material or cord is stained, use a mild, clear, dishwashing soap and warm water to spot clean and air dry.  When spot cleaning, please be careful not to allow hardware to contact the soap/detergent solution.

For Seed Beaded Pieces (Many Of Our Beaded & Braided Offerings), the colors of the seed beads can be affected over time by increased exposure to bleach, oxidation, strong friction, exposure to oils, acids, sweat on the skin, or exposure to sunlight.  We do not recommend storing these items in direct sunlight, or wearing in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

For Gold/Silver Finish Hardware and Gold Plated & Silver Plated Hardware, use a jewelry polishing cloth to clean if tarnish develops from oxidation or other factors.  Do NOT clean hardware using soaps or detergents.  Contact with some detergents and soap can cause permanent discoloration of some hardware finishes.  Contact with oils, acids, and sweat on skin can cause natural tarnishing, and sometimes, permanent discoloration.  

For Leather Pieces, store in an enclosed container to prevent drying of the leather, which occurs naturally.  If leather begins to crack, a clear, leather conditioner can be applied with care to avoid hardware.

For Origami Pieces, limit exposure to heat and sunlight.  Many origami items are waxed to aid durability. Avoid water.  If you are displaying your origami piece, we recommend using a clear container to prevent dust accumulation and damage.  For instance, we have stored our origami wedding bouquets in wooden and glass Basketball Storage cases, and they look beautiful!

Storing Knotty Origami.  Store your pieces in an enclosed container for optimal protection from dust, sunlight, snagging, tangling, and tarnish.

Thank you for your purchase and we wish you many, beautiful wearings of your Knotty Origami piece!



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