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Where Does Knotty Origami Donate Proceeds To Non-Profits, And How Much Of My Purchase Is Donated?


and we are also passionate about giving back, which is why Knotty Origami is committed to donating 5% of all proceeds to a non-profit benefitting the development of future generations. 


Does Knotty Origami Take Custom Orders? 


Knotty Origami is not taking custom orders at this time. 


There's Something I Don't Like About My Purchase, What Do I Do?


We're committed to crafting quality products and stand behind what we make.  If you purchase a Knotty Origami product, we'd love to hear about your experience, good or bad.  You can send feedback to us at info@knotty-origami.com.  We want you to be thrilled with your purchase.  

Everything you see on The Knotty Origami Website is knotted or folded by hand which means that each piece will be distinctly different. note that we love to work with natural fibers and seek to use materials that are dyed, made, or formed by other crafters and artisans whenever possible. Slight variations in color or tint may result from the variable nature of using items that are not pre-fabricated, in these instances but we make every effort to portray items in descriptions and photos as accurately as possible.

If there is a deficiency with the product, we definitely want to hear about it.  Please contact us at info@knottyorigami.com to open a dialogue.  You can also read more about our Returns & Shipping Policy HERE.   


What About My Privacy And Information?


Knotty Origami (TM) operates its store on a Shopify.com platform.  Knotty Origami (TM) does not sell or give away any information you provide to the company.  You can read about the store's Terms Of Use HERE and Privacy Statement HERE.


I Love My Knotty Origami Purchase, How Can I Provide A Testimonial?


We are ecstatic to hear from happy customers and would love to hear or read your testimonial!  Please send your feedback to info@knottyorigami.com and feel free to include a photo of you wearing or using the item and a note that you give your consent to having the photo and/or testimonial shared publicly on the Knotty Origami Website and associated platforms.  

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