Donations & Fundraisers

Knotty Origami is an active participant in many fundraisers for non-profits and not-for-profit organizations, as well as members in need within the community. 

To date, Knotty Origami has supported Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic, CASA, The El Paso Morale And Recreation Association, Smashing Walnuts Foundation, numerous public and private school fundraisers throughout Northern Virginia, as well as individual fundraisers for beloved members of the community undergoing cancer treatment.

We try very hard to meet as many fundraiser requests as possible, but are also reliant on available inventory to do so.  Sometimes, we are, regrettably, unable to meet a donation request simply because of the very high, recurring demand for donations.

We respectfully request to receive any donation requests for each Calendar Year by January 15th of that year for consideration to enable inventory assessment against demand.  

Please send an email to with "Donation Request" in the Subject Line.  Non-profit 

Thank you so very much for the important work being done to make our communities better.  

We love to partner with people and organizations who are making a positive difference! 

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