KO Integral Marketing


Since starting Knotty Origami, LLC, I have found myself helping small business owners, solopreneurs, and non-profits in the areas of content creation, ecommerce platform & social media strategy development.

People come to me for answers because they see how I leverage tools and time-saving techniques every day in my own business, and for other businesses.

I approach my own online presence and marketing strategy as an integrated system that fuses Art and Math.  Sound familiar?  One of the driving forces of Knotty Origami is a passion for the interconnectedness of The Technical with The Artistic.  I feel that a successful online business persona requires attention to both areas.  And, that's how I approach my work with clients. 

This led to the launch of KO INTEGRAL MARKETING, a business specializing in small business consulting for social media and eCommerce Training, Strategy, and Assessment. 

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