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Knotty Origami runs jewelry classes for groups of 4-7 people!  We bring all of the materials and tools to your location to instruct your group in a fun and dynamic way!

Contact Tricia at to discuss jewelry class options and available dates to book a class!

Classes are offered within most DC/VA/MD/ WV areas.

We currently offer the following classes:


Bracelet Set (Basic Bead Stringing)  $48 Per Person/ 2 hours

  Each course attendee creates and keeps a 3-bracelet set.



Stamped Necklace (Metal Stamping)  $58 Per Person/ 2 hours
Each course attendee creates and keeps a stamped tag necklace.



Paracord Bracelet (Paracord Knotting)   $35 Per Person/ 2 hours

Each student creates and keeps two paracord bracelets.



Wire Wrapped Bracelet (Basic Wire Wrapping)  $48 per person / 2 hours

Each course attendee creates and keeps two wire wrapped bracelets and will learn how to apply the technique to ring-making.



Beaded Set (Advanced Bead Stringing)  $88 per person/ 3 hours

Each course attendee creates and keeps a triple stand necklace, matching bracelet, and earrings.  This is an advanced jewelry course.  









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