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I'm Tricia, Founder and Designer of Knotty Origami, LLC ™.   Welcome!  

I'm a veteran, a mom, a wife, and small business owner.  I design and instruct jewelry and fiber art techniques, and I also help small business owners, non-profits, and solopreneurs develop their own e-commerce and social media processes using the lessons I've learned building my own e-commerce brand. You can learn more about that HERE

About My Love Of The Knots & Folds And Where I Draw Inspiration For The Things I Make:

A lifetime passion for learning about the ancient arts and cultures found in our family's travels, and a fascination with the mathematical and practical aspects of the traditional knotting and folding arts, led to the start of Knotty Origami. 

At a young age, I noticed that each country our family visited possessed an artisanal history using indigenous materials to bring flat planes of paper, corn husks, local leaves, vines, ropes, or strings into fascinating 3-dimensional forms.   Just as the materials reflected the local culture, the traditional techniques, practical uses, and symbolism did as well.  

I started collecting the items we found:   beautiful corn husk dolls made in Nuevo Leon, a beautiful mobile depicting daily life in Kenya fashioned out of banana leaves,  traditional hanging knots that symbolize prosperity from Korea,  knotted Celtic designs seen throughout Ireland while visiting Baltimore Bay where our own O'Driscoll name and history derived.

During my time in the military, my fascination grew with each survival knot I learned, from the swiss seats we fashioned from rope to safely rappel, to the practical square knots we used to rig military equipment.  

Knotty Origami pulls from these sources and inspirations to celebrate the beautiful forms that originated in perfect function, and the symbolism that is preserved through tradition.

You'll find jewelry of all types here at Knotty Origami, that incorporate a myriad of techniques and materials beyond knots, braids, and folds, too!  I work in several mediums, as a jewelry designer, but also, as a jewelry instructor. 

I teach jewelry classes and conduct trunk shows in the DC and Northern Virginia area where you and your friends can learn how to create your own jewelry.  Contact me at info@knotty-origami.com to discuss options!   

We are dedicated to giving back and improving community as a cornerstone of our business.

I believe in helping the community.

When you purchase from Knotty Origami, a portion of the proceeds go to benefit non-profits focused on education and empowerment of youth.  You can learn more about the non-profit(s) supported by Knotty Origami and your purchases HERE and HERE.  

5% of Knotty Origami profits supported Voz De Ninos in 2014, a Court-Appointed Special Advocacy Program Based Out Of Laredo, Texas And The Transitional Housing BARN (2015), a program that provides relocation resources and assistance to victims of domestic violence.   Additionally, 5% of sales of Duane's Syndrome Awareness Bracelets will be donated each year to a non-profit benefitting Duane's Syndrome Research.  Knotty Origami has also provided a free instructional workshop for The 296 Project, servicing veterans and their families, and will has hosted free workshops in support of Carried To Full Term, a maternity home for women in crisis.  Knotty Origami supports silent auctions and other fundraisers throughout the community as resources allow.  You can find our policies on donations here

As of April 2018, Knotty Origami is proud to be one of the organizers, Marketing Director, and Business Mentor for The Young Entrepreneur Business Fair in Gainesville, VA.  Several local businesses are partnered in this important initiative to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the next generation!

Public Speaking:

I can sometimes be found giving talks about the often overlooked mathematical, practical, and cultural significance and applications of the ancient knotting and folding arts.  I love to convey lessons of the military to my business journey in tailored talks, too! If you are interested in learning more about speaking engagements or event sponsorships, please contact me at info@knotty-origami.com to open a dialogue!

 Thank you for taking the time to visit Knotty Origami!













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