2016: The 296 Project

Unfortunately, the 296 Project shut down operations in the Summer of 2016. You can read about the work that The 296 Project did below, and the workshop Knotty Origami conducted for the non-profit.  We are thankful for the vision, intent, and work that was conducted on behalf of veterans and their families by The 296 Project until its doors closed.



In 2016, Knotty Origami is excited to sponsor an incredible Crystal City-based non-profit, The 296 Project, focused on aiding veterans in a unique way, especially those suffering from the severe effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

"At The 296 Project we provide every possible resource, supply, workshop, social program and art therapy session completely free of charge for anyone who's ever served our great nation, their spouses, and child dependents."

The 296 Project

We are excited to partner with The 296 Project to help them with their mission of providing art therapy to those who have served our nation and their families by running jewelry workshops and helping to provide art supplies whenever possible.


Knotty Origami and The 296 Project

Learn more about The 296 Project at the following links!

About The 296 Project
The 296 Project Events



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