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  • A Knotty Origami Baby Shower Gift

    Baby Showers Are Always A Sweet Affair!

    I recently attended one for a friend expecting a little girl, and it was such fun to prepare the origami cupcake toppers (and cupcakes!).


    The cupcake toppers were made into the shape of pale pink chevron & newspaper printed storks who each carried small green burlap bundles from hemp twine filled with little baby figurines!




    To complete the folded centerpiece, we crafted an old fashioned pram (A European-style stroller) from a single piece of paper with an oxidized copper metal print.  The blankets and pillows were fashioned from vintage cream lace and fine metallic bronze and golden linen papers.



    After enjoying the cupcakes, we removed the sticks from the cranes and added the pram and baby-carrying storks to a decorative mobile for Mom to take home as a gift!



     (All of the origami storks and the pram were reinforced in wax to enhance durability.)


    If you are preparing for a baby shower, and are interested in seeing items like this Knotty Origami Stork & Pram Cupcake Topper Set which serves as Centerpiece AND Mobile, let us know by sending an email to


    Knotty Origami takes select custom orders as resources permit, but will also consider all requests as we plan production of our evolving inventory!


    Thanks for visiting Knotty Origami!


    ~ Tricia















  • Knotty Origami's Start & A Beautiful Wedding!



    One of the reasons I chose to start Knotty Origami sprang from wonderful requests to make upscaled versions of origami bouquets like this one.


    It was a wonderful process to make this bouquet from fine linen and vellum papers to match the palette of Monica's vintage 1920's-inspired wedding!


    The wedding was simply beautiful, and so was the bride!







    And, that wonderful wedding is how Knotty Origami started!


    Have A Beautiful Day!



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