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  • The Titanium Vertebral Bracket Bracelet By Knotty Origami

    It's not everyday that we get this kind of custom knotting order, but it was a fun piece to work on!

    I received a request to use a piece of titanium medical hardware that had recently been surgically extracted from a person's spine.  The bracket had held vertebrae in place while the bone fused over time.  

    I knew a little something about the owner.  He was a career Soldier and avid cyclist, who has strong ties to sunny Arizona.  

    The design that came to mind that brought all of these attributes together was The Beaded Aztec Sun Bar!  I envisioned industrial hardware in gunmetal and titanium tones paired with leather cording in black and metallic slate.  

    I knew I'd find the technique I needed in J.D. Lenzen's beautiful new work, Leather Corded Fusion Ties.  You might remember that we gave away a copy of the book when it first came out, and that I was so thrilled to be able to author the Foreword for it.  

    I truly love the designs within it, and how the techniques are so customizable.  This book, as with all of J.D.'s videos and books, demystifies a technique so that others can incorporate the designs using limitless materials....materials like Titanium Vertebral Brackets.

     You can see the Aztec Sun Bar on the cover of J.D.'s book above.  It's the one in blue and white!  The design technique transforms with just a color and beading style change!

    We used titanium-finish nuts with a steampunk vibe to accentuate the mechanical theme.  By running gunmetal rings through the leather black and metallic slate double overhand end knots, our bracelet becomes an adjustable piece.  

    I never knew I might receive a custom order quite like this one, but really loved the challenge and how it turned out! Happy Knotting!







  • All You Need Is Love...

    We couldn't help but snap this shot in Old Town Manassas at the train tracks....


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  • Paracording Class At The 296 Project!

    Let's Paracord!

    Knotty Origami will host a FREE Basic Paracording Class for The 296 Project for veterans and family members on Friday, February 12th, 2016 from 7 to 9 PM!  Attendees will create a paracord bracelet using basic knotting techniques.  We will build toward more advanced paracord projects and jewelry making techniques in future classes!  10 spaces available.  Location:  2144 Crystal Plaza Arcade, Suite OT7, Arlington, VA 22202




  • We're Giving Away J.D. Lenzen's New Book! Leather Corded Fusion Ties!

    I am very excited to give away one of the most beautiful knotting books out there!


    J.D. Lenzen, the Knot guru behind the popular Tying It All Together Youtube video series, and numerous other knotting manuals, has published Leather Corded Fusion Ties!  

     The book provides readers with beautifully illustrated, step-by-step instructions to build unique and stunning knotted jewelry pieces made with leather cord!  It's an essential addition to every knot enthusiast's resource library, and WE ARE GIVING ONE AWAY on Monday, January 11th, 2016 via Instagram!

    You'll be able to read my thoughts on this remarkable book in the Foreword, and also learn how J.D.s instructional videos and books influenced Knotty Origami!   JD's teaching spirit has enabled knotters all over the world to learn and grow in this technical craft enabling new innovations and creations every day.

    Be sure you're following us on Instagram ( @KnottyOrigami) so you can enter to win this amazing book next week.  I hope you'll share the giveaway with friends and family.  What a lovely gift it would make for someone (especially if it's for YOU.)  :)

    'Til Monday!  Stay Knotty!


    ~ Tricia




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