• Symbolism Of The Kusudama Ball & Clasped Hands Knot

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    If you are, you may have seen our recent post about the new Antique Gold Arrowhead Long Necklace and Kusudama Ball!

    There are some beautiful cultural symbols and stories behind these knotted and folded pieces which we thought would be fun to share!  More On The Clasped Hands Knot and The Kusudama Ball Can Be Found Below!



    The origami piece above is referred to as a "Kusudama Ball" and the name means "Medicine Ball" in Japanese.  Why "Medicine Ball"?  This design has roots as a paper-crafted potpourri or incense receptacle!   The name is actually a compound word deriving from the Japanese words, "Kusuri" for "Medicine" and "Tama" for "Ball.

    Origami enthusiasts and technicians know better than to refer to a Kusudama Ball as a "Modular" since these pieces actually require some kind of adhesive to bring the components made from several sheets of paper together.  This differs from modular origami, like many found in the Knotty Origami Folds Collection, that are fitted together, before being reinforced in wax or other hardeners, without the need of tape of glue.  

    You can see other examples of Kusudama Origami in the Knotty Origami Folds Collection Here and Here.

    Now, if we take a look at the Antique Gold Arrowhead Long Necklace and the recently added Plum Seed Pod Long Necklace, you might see why the knots in these pieces are called "Clasped Hand" Knots!


    The Clasped Hands Knot is a beautiful reminder of friendship and love with its coiled design reminiscent of two hands resting within one another!

    We hope that you enjoyed this post about the symbolism and history behind some of our favorite Knotted & Folded handcrafts!  Have a wonderful, beautiful week!

    ~  Tricia







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    (*Both options are made in 7" standard bracelet lengths, but if you think you may want to vary how you wear the bracelet, or if you are unsure of your wrist size, we recommend the lobster clasp since you can adjust the length.)



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    Happy Autumn To You!


    ~  Tricia



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    ~ Tricia 







  • The Style Vault!


    It has been exciting to talk with customers about the products in The Knotty Origami Inventory!


    One question that has come up over, and over, again is...."Do You Have Any Sets?"


    Many of the items in our collections pair well together, and it has sparked some ideas about set promotions and offerings we can offer in the future!


    The Style Vault is a page that we have created to showcase different looks, styles, and gift ideas to show how you can coordinate the items in our collections!


    For Instance, The Fourth Of July Is Just Around The Corner And Our Navy & Silver Designs Work Beautifully For The Holiday {...And For The Rest Of The Year!)


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