• One Word Stamped Necklaces By Knotty Origami

    Think about it. 

    If you wore ONE WORD around your neck, what would it be?

    It's a question I asked, recently, and found the most uplifting responses!  

    "Survivor", "Warrior", "Blessed", "Mentor", "Student", "Daddy", "Om", "Calm", "Fight", "Inspire"....

    So many beautiful words, and so many ways to represent what is important to you.


    Knotty Origami is offering "One Word" Stamped Necklaces now!  

    They come in rhodium-finish and gold-finish. 

    Each necklace is hand-stamped and hammered for a pretty finish and suspends from an 18" chain.  

    Check out the "One Word" chosen by others below!  (Yes...some of the stamps have 2 words...haha!  As long as it met the 10 character limit, we stamped it.)  

    Knotty Origami One Word



    Or maybe your "One Word" is your own personal Hashtag or Social Media Handle!

     Stamped Hashtag Knotty Origami

    Knotty Origami Hashtag Stamped Necklace

    Quantities are limited, but once sold out, we can always take pre-orders!

    Contact us if you have a specific design in mind at info@knotty-origami.com!

    Happy Autumn, All!



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    • Tricia says…

      Hello, Maria! You can find all prices for our Stamped Collection offerings here: https://knotty-origami.com/collections/stamped-collection

      on March 20, 2017

    • Maria says…

      What are the prices?

      on November 04, 2016

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