• Freshly Picked And Knotty Origami #MoccsAndKnotsGivewaway

    We Are EXCITED To Offer The #MoccsAndKnotsGiveaway Sponsored By Freshly Picked And Knotty Origami!

    The #Giveaway runs from March 16th through March 20th and all of the details can be found HERE on the Knotty Origami Instagram Post!  Be sure to read through the rules and requirements for the Giveaway! Learn about what our companies are giving away below!

    The winner will receive a pair of moccasins in a color and size of the winner's choice AND the new Knotty Origami Alice Dream Pendant Necklace!


     We chose a pair of gold moccasins  in the largest size available (size 10) to review.  My Niece, Adora, just turned 4 and rocked those moccs like the pint-sized fashionista she is!

    Freshly Picked Moccasins are incredibly well made and supple!  The golden tone of these moccs is deep and full of shimmer.  I was impressed that the moccs fit my pre-school niece so beautifully!  She loved showing them off with her fancy golden polka-dot outfit.

    The winner of the #MoccsAndKnotsGiveway will be lucky to receive such a well-made, handcrafted product.  

    One of the reasons that Knotty Origami is so excited to collaborate with Freshly Picked in this #Giveaway is because of the company's dedication to handcraft.  Knotty Origami is also committed to bringing high quality products that are knotted and folded by hand.  It's an artisanal pairing and we are thrilled to bring these handcrafts to you.

    The necklace we are giving away is perfect for a little one (but is adjustable for even adults to enjoy wearing) with a gorgeous quote from Lewis Carrol's Alice In Wonderland.  

    "...Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

    Shouldn't we all?  The brass pendant suspends from a Celtic Clasped Hands Knot composed of slender golden cord.  The knot is symbolic of friendship. The pendant is a reminder of the power of dreams.


    We love Freshly Picked Moccasins and know you will, too!  Be sure to follow Freshly Picked on Instagram to keep up with this amazing company, and keep following Knotty Origami, too!  We have a lot of wonderful announcements and promotions coming!




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