• Introducing The Celtic Cross Bracelet!

    Knotty Origami is excited to introduce the newest design to the inventory.....The Celtic Cross Bracelet!



    The unique aspect of this symbolic bracelet grounded in ancient Irish heritage is the bold look that results once the bracelet clasps around the wrist!



    The inspiration for this design comes from a trip to Ireland back in 2004 where we visited Baltimore Bay to learn more about the O'Driscoll Family ancestry.


    The many sights and lovely people we met on our drives through the countryside along rustic cobblestone-lined paths and tranquil waters left indelible memories of Ireland's beauty.


    I took the photo below on one of our scenic excursions between Killarney and Baltimore Bay.  


    It shows proudly contrasting Celtic Crosses against a pale gray sky, time-weathered and majestic cultural testaments to the rich history of The Irish.



     You can find the Celtic Cross Bracelet inspired by that visit at the following link!

    Thank you for stopping by the Knotty Origami Blog
    to learn more about our newest design!  
    ~  Tricia 
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