• The Folds: Origami Rhombicuboctahedron

    Knotty Origami has more than Knots and Braids.  We do a lot of Origami Folds, too!  My newest fascination has been in the area of geometric origami:  The Rhombicuboctahedron!   

    origami rhombicuboctahedron
    Rhombicuboctahedron.  Please try to say THAT five times fast!  You can learn more about this type of Archimidean Solid at the link, but, in short, it's a solid with 8 triangular faces and 18 square faces. 
    I've created a short video of the progress from sheets of paper to the final multimodular origami polyhedron.  
    The thing I love most about creating this geogami piece is that it is so pretty INSIDE.  And, once you seal the piece by interlocking the last two "wings", you can't see the lovely pyramids formed internally.  


    They're pretty much a beautiful secret, locked away, and out of sight.  You'd only see them if you built it, deconstructed it, or watched the short video below!  :)


     Happy Folding!        






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