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  • The Driftwood Macrame Workshop In Alexandria Was Spectacular!

    The Driftwood Macrame Workshop between Urban Redeux, Coastal Driftwood, & Knotty Origami was spectacular fun!   We have big plans to bring you more!  So, be sure to keep following for new events!

    Here's a slideshow that shows the night of knots, laughs, and fun. 

  • Urban Redeux Macrame Workshop With Coastal Driftwood & Knotty Origami

    Urban Redeux, Coastal Driftwood, & Knotty Origami are excited to bring you a special driftwood macrame workshop on April 24th, from 6:30-9:30 at a gorgeous vintage boutique in Alexandria, Virginia!  Reserve Your Seat at (Venue: Urban Redeux) for $74.   It's going to be fabulous event!
  • Sterling Silver And Genuine Copper Cuffs By Knotty Origami!

    I've been busy outfitting the studio with new tools and equipment so that Knotty Origami can start bringing custom, forged metal offerings to you!

    I'm excited to announce the new textured anticlastic Sterling Silver Cuffs and Genuine Copper Cuffs!

    Our cuffs are each textured, formed, and polished by hand!  You can pre-order yours by clicking on the link to our new Forged Metals Collection!

    Watch the video below to see our newest sterling and copper cuffs!


  • Thanks For Supporting Recent Knotty Origami Events!

    What a busy few months it's been for Knotty Origami!  Thank you to everyone who has come out to our many outings!  It has been a fantastic time! 

    Here are some of the highlights!

    The Byrne Gallery Fall Jewelry Showcase!

    The Barnes & Noble Maker Faire in November!

    The Real Housewives Of Loudoun County Holiday Expo in December!


    Carried To Full Term (CTFT) Non-Profit Workshop!

    The Dulles Area Homeschoolers Jewelry Workshop in January!

     The Scout And Molly's Trunk Show in February! 



    The Byrne Gallery Spring Jewelry Showcase in March!



    In addition to so many other amazing Goings-On, I'm thrilled to be building a new section of the studio around metalsmithing! I have loved learning new techniques this year, and cannot wait to bring some new pieces to the Knotty Origami Store!

    It's been a busy few months! But, we've loved it! Thank you for all the wonderful support of Knotty Origami!



  • One Word Stamped Necklaces By Knotty Origami

    Think about it. 

    If you wore ONE WORD around your neck, what would it be?

    It's a question I asked, recently, and found the most uplifting responses!  

    "Survivor", "Warrior", "Blessed", "Mentor", "Student", "Daddy", "Om", "Calm", "Fight", "Inspire"....

    So many beautiful words, and so many ways to represent what is important to you.


    Knotty Origami is offering "One Word" Stamped Necklaces now!  

    They come in rhodium-finish and gold-finish. 

    Each necklace is hand-stamped and hammered for a pretty finish and suspends from an 18" chain.  

    Check out the "One Word" chosen by others below!  (Yes...some of the stamps have 2 words...haha!  As long as it met the 10 character limit, we stamped it.)  

    Knotty Origami One Word



    Or maybe your "One Word" is your own personal Hashtag or Social Media Handle!

     Stamped Hashtag Knotty Origami

    Knotty Origami Hashtag Stamped Necklace

    Quantities are limited, but once sold out, we can always take pre-orders!

    Contact us if you have a specific design in mind at!

    Happy Autumn, All!



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